what do bed bugs bites look likewhat do bed bugs look like

Bed Bugs Spray

The Best Bed Bugs Sprays, Powders, and Insecticides

For those of us who seem susceptible to bed bugs from time to time, allow me to recommend what bed bugs insecticide I have found useful in the eradication of these night sucking insects. My all time favorite is Diatect Bed Bug Killer. Now, Diatect is not a spray (it is a powder), but to me, and according to others rave reviews, Diatect works better than anything else on the market for getting rid of bed bugs.

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Diatect Bed Bug Powder

There are many other bed bug killing products and sprays on the market, my friends, but take it from me, this powder works like a charm and all it takes is a few minutes treating the affected areas by carefully following the manufacturer’s directions to make sure that you do a proper job. And don’t forget, safety first!

Is There A Bed Bugs Repellent?

Now here’s a question that I have been asked from time to time and that is, is there such a thing as a bed bugs repellent? Let me answer by saying that I have never found a bed bugs repellent per se. What I use from time to time is a mosquito repellent which seems to work well for me but I cannot offer any guarantee that you will have the same satisfaction that I have had in using the insect repellents which are on the shelves at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Might I suggest that you check with your general doctor or dermatologist the next time you visit and ask them the truth about bed bugs repellent and what they would recommend in your home to keep these night crawling, blood sucking creatures away from you and your family members and pets while you all try to have a good night’s sleep in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Bed Bug Insecticide Help

I know and am aware of the terrible trauma to our skin and blood vessels at times when we awake to find that as we slept we have been used as a host for these uninvited blood sucking guests known as bed bugs.

I went on a mission the other day to try and get some bed bug insecticide help and sound advice. I visited my local hardware store and enlisted the help of one of their managers and asked him for his frank and sound advice on whether bed bug insecticide really exists and more importantly, whether it works.

I was pleasantly surprised, not to mention relieved, when he asked me to follow him to the the tidily arranged shelves laden with bottles upon bottles of different types of insecticide.

I was especially happy when he handed me a bottle of drione dust as a bed bug insecticide help. He reminded me that I need to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the label and then added that I should have great success with this product and wished me well and a great night’s sleep to come.

Bed Bug Spray

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