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Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs – Does It Work?

There have been many stories about using heat treatment to kill bed bugs. This got us to wondering, does it really work? We set out to find if using some sort of bed bug heater would actually kill bed bugs – or if it’s another old-wives tale.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment – It Works!

Turns out that heating things that have been exposed to bed bugs to a temperature of 120 degrees or higher WILL kill bed bugs. However, this is all great for clothes and bedding – you can just throw them in the dryer for 30 minutes or more.

But what about belongings that exterminators CAN’T treat….like suitcases and books and other common home contents?

But what about purses and shoes and computers and all those OTHER things that can get infested with bed bugs? What if you’re moving from a bed bug infested apartment into a new home – how can you make sure that ALL your belongings are bed bug-free?

What if you’ve been traveling or away at college – how can you be sure that you don’t bring those creepy bed bugs back home with you?

We found a GREAT product that appears to work really well. It’s called the PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater and it’s getting great reviews and feedback. Heck, one guy put his COMPUTER in it to be sure he didn’t bring the bed bugs in his apartment with him to his new home when he moved…. and it WORKED!

PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater Video Review

One PackTite bed bug heater owner said this:

“This product works great. It is very well made and kills the bed bugs effectively. I bought it directly from PackTite and it came with a digital thermometer to monitor the inside temperature and it gets hot enough to kill bed bugs in all life stages (~120F). I would recommend it! It is a much better way to assure there are no bugs on clothes and expensive bedding than to wash/dry very hot, which can damage your clothes and you are able to put in items that you wouldn’t want to put in the dryer like shoes, purses and books.”

Click here to read all the reviews of this bed bug heater.

PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater Description

PackTite Portable Heater uses patent pending heating technology to safely eliminate all stages of bed bugs by heating contents up to over 120 degrees F for a sustained period. PackTite is a safe, non-chemical way to treat your personal items for bedbugs and features a timer to select heating times of up to six hours. PackTite is designed to work as a preventive measure for travelers, especially frequent business travelers. Many hotels have low-level bed bug infestations that are very hard to detect by visual inspection. Careful travelers can place their luggage in the PackTite heater upon returning from a trip and PackTite will kill any bed bugs that have crawled into the luggage. Additionally, Packtite is an essential tool for those dealing with an active bed bug infestation in their home. Many items can not be placed in a dryer to kill bed bugs, such as shoes, dry-clean only clothes, sleeping bags, toys, etc. PackTite is the perfect pesticide-free way to gently rid your belongings of bed bugs.

Picture of the PackTite Bed Bug Heater to Kill Bed Bugs

How To Get a PackTite Bed Bug Heater

These portable bed bug heaters are hard to come by. Best bet to is look here for the best prices and best selection. You can buy new or used however the price difference isn’t that much because they are in such high-demand.

The PackTite Bed Bug Heater is HIGHLY recommended as an effective way to kill bed bugs yourself at home without the need of an expensive exterminator.

How To Use a Bed Bug Heater To Kill Bed Bugs Video

Click here to learn more about killing bed bugs with heat.

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